Sabrina is also available to offer lectures and workshops. Coming from her love of teaching
and inspired by her own experience, they address what she considers to be common problems
encountered by guitarists which are rarely addressed in such a clear and structured format.
Topics include:


1. Developing your Own Technique: Following and breaking the rules
2. Career development: You can do it yourself!
3. Competitions: Do's and Don'ts
4. Performing: Stage fright and stage presence
5. Balkan Music: An introduction to the musical language and contemporary guitar repertoire
6. Alberto Ginastera's Sonata Op. 47: Harmony, structure, and the influence of traditional
    Argentinean music.


1. The Colors of Music: How synesthesia can improve musical performance
    Sabrina discusses through her own background of synesthesia, how colors can be used by anyone
    to help with memory, structural/harmonic understanding, creativity, and interpretation.
2. Fingerings and Technique: Every problem has a solution
    A good technique is not measured by speed, but by how well one uses their own abilities to
    solve the problem at hand. By analyzing difficult passages we will discover individual solutions
    and show that the possibilities are endless!
3. Balkan Music: Irregular rhythms
    Irregular rhythms are at the heart of Balkan music but can be difficult for many players to feel
    comfortable with. In this workshop we will work on exercises and short pieces as an
    introduction to the style.

   Feel free to contact us for more information on any of the above topics.